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Contributing research accomplishments for encouragement of research and education in and outside of Japan

The membership of the research institute consists of faculty members working full-time at the research institute as well as those who have a concurrent position elsewhere in the university. Their specializations range from electrical engineering, mechanics, chemistry, knowledge and information to mathematics, physics, biology, geoscience and science history, with an interdisciplinary and comprehensive expansion in recent years to bordering fields of each discipline. While actively conducting domestic and international joint research programs, the research institute is also in charge of university-wide education in natural sciences. Furthermore, some of the full-time faculty members of the research institute have been conducting interdisciplinary research with the Science of Environment and Mathematical Modeling major of the Graduate School of Science and Engineering since 1998. These research accomplishments are published as academic papers in major journals in and outside of Japan. In addition, the research institute holds the annual “Doshisha University Harris Science Research Institute Research Symposium” as well as publishes the quarterly The Harris Science Review of Doshisha University to disseminate its findings to universities, research institutions, information centers and libraries in Japan and overseas.

Research projects
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