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"The Doshisha" has carried out its social responsibility as an institution offering all levels of education from kindergarten, elementary school, junior and senior high school, university and graduate school (including a women's college and graduate school) to adult and lifelong learning. Doshisha University is positioned at the central core of The Doshisha, an educational institution open to all generations and people. From this point of view, Doshisha University's unique characteristics as a university become clear.

As a research institute attached to Doshisha University, the Harris Science Research Institute is in a position closely related not only to the university and graduate school but also to other educational and research institutions of all levels, from kindergarten, elementary school, junior and senior high school to the women's college and graduate school. It could be said that this unique environment makes the Harris Science Research Institute a one-of-a-kind research institute.

Utilizing its advantageous openness to the public as a part of The Doshisha, the Harris Science Research Institute has the potential of developing as a distinctive leading research institute of natural sciences with its human-science dual perspective, a cross-field research environment, an attractive environment as a place for human activities, an emphasis on creativity and originality and accessibility for all generations and people.

Harris Science Research Institute
Creative Hill on Kyotanabe Campus
History of Science Education and Research at Doshisha
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