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Creative Hill on Kyotanabe Campus

Joseph Hardy Neesima, the founder of Doshisha, boarded the Wild Rover in 1864 on his own, leaving the turmoil of the end of the Edo period and traveling to America to find out what path Japan should take in the future. His creativity, fortitude and energy are ingrained in Doshisha University and its Kyotanabe Campus on the hill (*1).

With the keywords “advanced technology, information, life, body, mind and communication,” Kyotanabe Campus is home to six faculties: Faculty of Science and Engineering, Faculty of Life and Medical Sciences, Faculty of Culture and Information Science, Faculty of Health and Sports Science, Faculty of Psychology and Faculty of Global Communications, as well as six graduate schools: Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Graduate School of Life and Medical Sciences, Graduate School of Culture and Information Science, Graduate School of Health and Sports Science, Graduate School of Psychology and Graduate School of Brain Science. Consisting of faculties and graduate schools specializing mainly in natural sciences and emphasizing creativity, the Kyotanabe Campus is also known by the nickname “Creative Hill.”

Creative Hill is a future-oriented campus that Doshisha planned and developed with the hope of contributing to people’s happiness. Each faculty and graduate school demonstrates their characteristics in collaborative work toward future innovations. Under the founding spirit and philosophy of Doshisha, Kyotanabe Campus has developed as a leading all-inclusive campus of natural sciences in Japan. The Harris Science School was a seed that Neesima and Kotaro Shimomura planted on the Imadegawa Campus, and now it has grown to become a large hub of science education and research on the Kyotanabe Campus.

  • (*1) The Kyotanabe Campus is about 60 times as large as that of Koshien stadium.
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