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Future Plan and Action

Humankind faces many new issues in the midst of the recent dramatic growth of information technology and rapid shift towards globalization. We are now facing a new era with various problems that, especially in a situation where human beings and science are closely interacting with each other, become more complicated and interwoven.

Now, the Harris Science Research Institute is expected to take into consideration all the aspects of a) the founding spirit and philosophy of Doshisha, b) the unconventional structure of faculties and graduate schools at the Kyotanabe Campus (Creative Hill), c) research fields of concern to the Harris Science Research Institute (international, creative and human perspectives), d) education and research emphasizing creativity and originality that the Harris Science Research Institute has long pursued, and e) various current and future problems and issues emerging from the human-science relationship, their histories and backgrounds, characteristics and the current social situation. Such consideration will clarify new fields of education and research based on the scientific technology and ideas unique to the Harris Science Research Institute.

In order to deal with the problems of contemporary society, it is important to pay more attention to the human-science relationship and to engage with sincerity in science, focusing on creativity and originality, without being bound by the conventional educational and research fields.